SanDisk MicroSDHC 32GB U3 V30 High Endurance Card with Raspbian and Domoticz

Original SanDisk microSDHC memory, High Endurance, 32GB, U3 V30 Class10 40MB/s write speed, 100MB/s read speed.

Already programmed with Raspbian and Domoticz, suitable for Raspberry PI3 and Raspberry PI4.
Derived on Raspbian Duster, optimized to reduce flash writes, extending the life and reliability of the microSD flash card.
Supplied with SD adapter.

Access Raspberry with the programmed image

These are the default credentials for this image:
linux user: pi , password: arangingenni
linux user:root , password: geriandallse
domoticz user: domoticz , password: creasol

It's recommended to change these default passwords!!

Activating raspberry with this image, it will get network configuration from your DHCP server (router), so you can connect it by the browser at url like (check your dhcp server to know the IP address assigned to raspberry, or do a network scan of your LAN). If you connect raspberry from 192.168.*.* or 172.16.*.* or 10.*.*.* networks, no authentication is required.
Also, ssh service is enabled, so you can enter secure shell (using ssh, putty or any other ssh client) as user pi or root.

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