EV - Electric vehicles

DIY wallbox with Creasol DomBusEVSE smart home moduleModules and devices that should be applicable to electric cars, vans, trucks, bikes, ...

EV chargers, Type-2 cables, EV charging cable, EVSE modules, contactors, Type-B RCD RCCB, home automation systems integrating electric car charging, ...

If you know about electrical systems and home automation system, you can build a wallbox by yourself using:

  1. DomBusEVSE module, that can be managed by Domoticz and other home automation systems (ModBus)
  2. single or 3 phase contactor (to enable/disable mains supply)
  3. single or 3 phase type-B RCCB (differential protection)
  4. EV cable with Type-2 or Type-1 plug on one side
  5. 12V power supply unit, if not already available, to supply the DomBusEVSE module
  6. RS485/USB adapter, (optional, to connect a domotic system)
  7. Power/energy meter connected to the electricity grid (to measure current consumption from /production to the grid: optional, only if it's not already available in your house
  8. Optional power/energy meter to compute the power, energy and PF to the electric vehicle (not strictly needed)
  9. Optional domotic controller, if not already available: it permits to monitor and control EV charging process by smartphone and PC.

More information to build a wallbox at https://www.creasol.it/EVSE

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