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DIN rail contactor 4 poles 25A with 230V coil

DIN-rail modular 25A 400V 4P contactor with 230Vac coil with only 1.6W coil power.

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DIN-rail modular 4 poles contactor, 25A max, with 230Vac coil with only 1.6W coil power.

Can be used with DomBusEVSE to make a three phase EV charging station wallbox

or with DomBus23 DomBus31 DomBus32 DomBus33 DomBus34 domotic modules to activate a 3-phase load

36mm, 2 modules width.

400Vac, 25A max current.

Coil characteristics: 230V, 1.6W.

This is the perfect solution to enable and disable your electric car charging.

Making a wallbox using DomBusEVSE domotic module

domcontactor4p25a domcontactor4p25a

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