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DDS238-2 power and energy meter, 230V 65A, with 1 pulsed S0 output

DIN rail modular energy meter, with 1 pulsed output, 230V 65A max. 35mm wide (2 modules size).

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DIN rail modular energy meter and power meter, with 1 optoisolated pulsed output S0, 230V 65A max. 35mm wide (2 modules size).

Can be used with Creasol DomBus12DomBus23 , DomBus32DomBus33 and DomBusTH domotic modules to read the current power and energy into the domotic controller Domoticz, Home Assistant, ...
Can also be used with DomESP1 board equipped with NodeMCU module.

If bidirectional and/or Modbus features are needed, DDS238-2 ZN/S should be chosen.

* voltage: 220V-230V 50/60Hz
* basic current: 5A (current level for the most accurate measures)
* max current: 65A
* starting current: 20mA
* display: 5+1 digits
* meter accuracy: +-1% (Class 1)
* power consumption: <1W/10VA
* impluses output: 2000imp/kWh
* S0 output interface: optoisolated, open collector, 5~27V 27mA max

domdds238-2 domdds238-2

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