PZEM-016 energy meter with Modbus protocol

Modbus energy meter:
230V 50Hz 100A max
Modbus protocol (RS485)

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Peacefair PZEM-016 AC Electricity Energy Meter RS485 Modbus.

Measure: active power, active energy, voltage, current, frequency, power factor.

230V, 100A max current using current transformers.

90x60x24mm size

Works with Domoticz, Home Assistant, Node-RED, OpenHAB, ... thanks to the standard Modbus protocol.

Domoticz driver at https://github.com/CreasolTech/domoticz-pzem-016



Measuring range:80~260V
Resolution: 0.1V
Measurement accuracy: 0.5%


Measuring range: 0~100A
Starting measure current: 0.02A
Resolution: 0.001A
Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Active power

Measuring range: 0~23kW
Starting measure power: 0.4W
Resolution: 0.1W
Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Power factor

Measuring range: 0.00~1.00
Resolution: 0.01
Measurement accuracy: 1%


Measuring range: 45Hz~65Hz
Resolution: 0.1Hz
Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Active energy

Measuring range: 0~9999.99kWh
Resolution: 1Wh
Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

Reset energy: active energy can be reset by Modbus command

Over power alarm

Active power threshold can be set, when the measured active power exceeds the threshold, it can alarm

Communication interface

RS485 interface, Modbus protocol, opto-isolated.

Power supply

Terminal block provides 5V 100mA output for external devices, if needed

dompzem-016 pzem-016

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