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Temperature sensor NTC 10k 1% 3950

Waterproof NTC temperature sensor, 10k @25°C, 1%, B=3950

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Waterproof temperature sensor, negative coefficient, with 10k resistance at 25 °C, 1% tolerance, B coefficient 3950.
Suitable to measure air and water/fluid temperature.

Can be fixed with a screw, and has a 50cm long cable that can be extended up to 50-100m using shielded cable (2x0.22mm² cable, normally used in alarm systems).

Can also be used with our set of home automation modules DomBus.

DomBusTH home automation module

Creasol DomBusTH is a home automation system module that already has a temperature and relative humidity sensor inside. Also, it can be connected to up to 4 external NTC sensors to measure, for example, heat pump inlet and outlet water temperature, boiler water temperatures, CMV / VMC air temperature, or other room temperatures. See the section below to know how to configure DomBus module to use this kind of sensor.

DomBus12 connected to one or more temperature sensors, in a greenhouse

Creasol DomBus12, as like as other DomBus modules DomBusTH, DomBus23, DomBus32, DomBus34, ..., has some analog inputs within 10k pullup resistors that can be connected to NTC thermistors to measure temperature, using NTC 10k with 3950 B coefficient.
NTC sensors are waterproof, with 2 wires cable that can be extended for 50-100m distance using common alarm cable 2x0.22mm² + shield; using a single 4x0.22mm²+shield cable it's possible to connect 4 different temperature sensors.

The diagram below shows DomBus12 module with 4 temperature sensors connected on IO1-4, a remote double relay module DomRelay2 connected to IO5-6, and 2 pushbuttons to IO8-9.
I/O device connected to the NTC temperature sensor should be configured, in Domoticz, as IN_ANALOG,FUNCTION=3950 and also it's possible to add an offset to compensate any temperature error, for example IN_ANALOG,FUNCTION=3950,B=0.2 if the real temperature is 0.2°C over the measured temperature.

DomBus12 domotic module used in a green house to measure temperature and activate ventilation and/or heater.

domntc10k1 CreasolDomtnc10k1

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