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Creasol DomBusTH - Domoticz device with temperature and humidity sensors, 4 inputs, 2 outputs, 3 LEDs

Electronic board with calibrated temperature and humidity sensors, 4 inputs, 2 open-collector outputs, white led, red led, green led, analog input, suitable to be connected to Domoticz controller by RS485 serial bus (4 wires: 2 for data, 2 for power supply).

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Creasol DomBusTH is a small electronic board, 32x17mm, that can fit any blank cover with a 3mm hole in the centre, needed by the thermal/humidity sensor to exchange air with the room and to get the LEDs light out. It can be connected to the Domoticz controller by a RS485 serial bus (4 wires, 2 for 12/24V power supply, and 2 for data at 115200bps).

The electronic board is supplied with a 20cm long, 10 wires, assembly cable with plugin connector, so it's easy to connect the device to pushbuttons, switches, relays, ....

As other DomBus devices, DomBusTH minimizes power consumption, is automatically detected by Domoticz and each port is fully web configurable via Domoticz device description. See below how to change the factory-programmed address of each device, and how to configure each port as digital inputs, analog inputs, digital outputs, dimmer, buzzer, blind, .... by the Domoticz web panel.

Creasol DomBusTH - Domoticz I/O and sensors, RS485


  • temperature sensor, factory calibrated with a precisoin of +/- 0.3°C
  • relative humidity sensor, factory calibrated with a precison of +/- 2%RH
  • 4 wires that can be configured as digital inputs, analog inputs, 1mA digital outputs and buzzer: they can be connected to pushbuttons, switches, alarm sensors, piezoelectric buzzer, ...
  • 2 open-collector outputs with 40V 50mA capability, that can be used to control external relays, electronic boards inputs with pullup, small LEDs (DomBusTH includes the dimmer function)
  • 1 analog input that measure the voltage on bus (but can be configured to measure another external voltage, 30Vdc max, by soldering an additional wire)
  • 1 red LED, can be used as ON/OFF or to send one or more flashing corresponding to a device state
  • 1 green LED, can be used as ON/OFF or to send one or more flashing corresponding to a device state
  • 1 white LED with 700 mcd luminous intensity: can be used as night light and emergency lamp, or to send a number of flashes corresponding to a particular state
  • 7.5-35Vdc power supply (internally regulated by a switching mode power supply circuitry that minimize power consumption and dissipation)
  • 115200 bps RS485 bus (max length: 1km)

More information at https://www.creasol.it/CreasolDomBusTH

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