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Switching voltage regulator with LM2596S
  • Switching voltage regulator with LM2596S

ESP8266 WiFi-modul NodeMcu V3 Lua, med ESPEasy

WiFicontroller ESP8266 NodeMcu V3, redan programmerad med ESPEasy firmware, tillgänglig via webben, redo att användas med Domoticz-controller.
Kan användas för att integrera sensorer och I / O som kan fjärrstyras av Domoticz.
Använder chipet ESP8266-12E med USB-gränssnitt CH340G.
Integrerar GPIO, PWM, ADC, I2C, 1-Wire, ...
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2 32% 10,12 € 9,53 €
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9 40% 8,93 € 53,58 €


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With DomBus products, Raspberry and Domoticz, you can get a powerful and cost-effective home automation system to control:
  • complete home alarm system, with all notifications on smartphone
  • efficient heating/cooling/ventilation HVAC system control
  • power optimization in case of using a heat pump with photovoltaic
  • when someone rings the doorbell, send to smartphone a notification with a photo (if an IPCAM is available); also permits to open the gate or door by smartphone
  • shows the rainwater tank level, and control the garden watering
  • and much more....
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